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Services: Services
Powerful Computer


Service You Can Trust

Whether you have a Laptop, a Desktop we will bring it back to new !

Our range of Services include:

  • Upgrading of Memory

  • Increasing capacity of your Hard Drive(s)

  • Wifi optimization (Range increase, speed increase)

  • New Computer / Laptop Sales

  • Used Computer / Laptop Sales

  • Setup of Computer Systems

  • Building a custom made Desktop PC

  • Virus removal

  • IT Training

  • IT Consultancy

  • Apple Computer Repair (MacBooks etc)

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How to setup Zoom

We will physically go to your Home/Office & walk you through the Zoom Setup Process.

Main Topics we will cover:

  1. Choosing the appropriate Version of Zoom according to your needs.

  2. Types of login: Email/SSO (Google or Facebook)

  3. Scheduling Zoom Meetings (with or without registration)

  4. Methods of joining: Link or Meeting ID

  5. Set options for password requirement & non requirement

  6. How to PIN yourself

  7. Screen Sharing 

  8. Sharing Computer sound

  9. Record your Meeting on your Device or in the cloud

  10. Adding a 2nd Camera

  11. Breakout Rooms

  12. Microphone Etiquette

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We breathe life back to your Old Computers !

Do you have a Laptop or Desktop lying around ? We may be able to revive it !

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